Jun 2, 2011

Full Touchscreen BlackBerry Storm Successor Suggestion

Blackberry has always been a company that has offered a new proposition to its users every time with its new and innovative product. A new product in line to deliver more value to the buyer was the Blackberry storm full touch screen. This model is being said to be succeeded by the new Blackberry Touch Monaco. This cell phone will strike the market in July and August 2011 and will surely change the landscape of the cell phone market. With such a dynamic cell phone hitting the market, it is going to pull the consumers towards itself for a long time.

It’s really good news for all the blackberry mobile phone lovers and it offer an amazing touch experience. The cell phone is said to have an operating system of OS 6.1. This unique and new version of the operating system really customizes the interface for its users. The operating system requires the user to log in first and then use the Blackberry based services.

At first the cell phone is set to have two variants of it. These are Monaco and Monza. Blackberry Monaco is based on the CDMA version while Monza is more based on the GSM network. The Monaco version is best fit for business executives as it includes a complete program which includes office applications including word, excel and PowerPoint. The model is said to have a full touch screen with a 3.7 inch display. It will feature a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm processor, 768 MB of RAM and with a huge storage capacity of 4GB. It also has an external Micro SD slot which supports external memory support up to 32GB.

For all the camera lovers out there the phone will feature a 5 mega pixel camera with LED flash. It will also include a 720p HD video recording support which will help in excellent quality of video recording. It will have the general connectivity feature such as the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It will also be capable of supporting fast frequency band networks such as CDMA, EV-DO Red A and many more. Hence all over in includes the best feature that any user can demand with a touch screen interface that will be most appealing to the new generation.

As far as the exterior is concerned the cell phone will feature a slim design which will make it easy to carry and it will be light weight. This will add to its portability feature as now day’s too bulky handsets are not preferred.

This new full touch screen phone is surely a master piece and is truly recommended for the youngsters who love touch screens and even for those who are involved in business relations. Black berry is always recommended as a business phone according to its features but with touch screen it has enabled the quality of attracting much of the young generation. This phone is no more than a blessing which will be with you till long time and change your lifestyle. So would you like to buy this storm successor?


  1. This one is exclusively looking one of wonderful technological phone. As the existing video shows the exceptionalness of this Touchscreen BlackBerry version. I am completely surprised to see the elegant features of this phone. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How much is it for?

  3. i have it ..but second hand...i fixed the touch screen but screen seems to be very loose...and does it have small sim card requirement?