Jun 8, 2011

Dell Streak 7

In today’s world which is filled with iPad and other touch screen tablets it has become essential for every company to devise a communication device which is attractive to the youth of today. This year’s model has a lot of amazing features and specifications. The Dell Streak 7 has a slimmer design in comparison to iPad as it is 33 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter. The Dell Streak 7 has an upgrade in its processor which has made it faster and more prone to the user’s wishes. This Dell Streak 7 is available in an astonishing color of black.

This Dell tablet has an android operating system which delivers a seamless online experience. One advantage of this new tablet is its optimum size which makes it portable. This makes it suitable for nosiness use. It offers huge benefits of creating ad reviewing documents which makes it a business centered tablet. It also allows updating reports and it uses web based office suites such as Google Docs and Microsoft Words online.

The amazing Dell Streak comes with a 3G/4G of Wi-Fi which enables the user to work on web based business apps. It allows easy collecting of data at the point of transaction and allows swift transfer of information. The astonishing Dell Streak has a vibrant 7 inch multi touch screen display which brings everything at your fingertips. Dell has added two cameras to the new Dell Streak 7. One is located at the front of 5 MP which is used mainly for video chatting on social networks like Face book and Skype whilst the other is located at the rear of the tablet capable for recording HD video in 720p. Dell has provided its best to the new tablet and added long battery life so that the users may enjoy 10 hours of battery for surfing web on Wi-Fi, watching videos and listening to unlimited music. This tablet benefits the youngsters who listen to nonstop music and often use the net. 

It has 16 GB of internal storage plus a built in Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth. By using this, the user can gain easy access to their favorite movie clips and TV shows with just the touch of a button. This makes the movies portable and accessible from anywhere anytime. It also offers the option of video chatting which has attracted a lot of youngsters to it. With a large display it enables the user to chat live with their friends and hence provides an amazing communication experience. Therefore having a Dell Streak seems essential now.

There is still so much to explore and see on the internet and people don’t want to miss an even a second of it. For achieving this you all must get hold of the new Dell Streak 7 and experience the social environment one can enter into and communicate with friends. There an open advice to all of you would be to go and grab your new Dell Streak 7 and be among the guys that are more in line with the technology trends. So what are you waiting for?

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  1. Dell Streak 7 is eye catching design and is very good especially its weight and thinness.