Feb 23, 2011

Latest technology Introduced by Apple – Iphone 4G

Mobile phones are always considered to be main attraction for the youth nowadays and it has become a part and a necessity of our daily life. More and more features are being demanded by the cell phone users and Apple is the company which identifies accurately what a consumer wants in his handset due to which Apple has always launched perfect technology products again and again.

Apple iPhone 4G is just the latest technological product and a new achievement to compete in the mobile phone market. Apple’s latest technology in iPhone 4G has fascinated consumers a lot and is been center of attraction. Apple iPhone is wonderful handset to have which encloses various features that support and answers every query of a consumer.

The experts say that Apple has once again raised the bar of demand and as a competitor raised the competition level in the market. Most of the experts called this iPhone truly incredible and ranked it among the top.

Evaluating reviews and testimonials from the consumers who are experiencing its services called this phone incredible, amazing and according to them it is the best launch of Apple family. The Official price set by Apple iPhone 4G 16GB model is $199 while the 32GB model is priced $299.

Evaluating Improvements in Apple iPhone 4G:

The outlook of the iPhone has been modified for more attraction with a back which is exclusively flat made of different material which supports the structure of iPhone and makes it more powerful, the width of the screen have been increased to 3.5 inches with multi-touch facility, display has been enhanced to pixel density of 326 pixels per inch making the view more clear, front facing camera for video call is added, Micro-sim insertion instead of standard sim, 7 hours talk time on 3G and 14 hours talk time on 2G, high resolution camera than 3GS, metallic buttons and enhanced battery timings.

A new version of operating system have been introduced in iPhone 4G called iOS 4.0 which is considered to be much better in applications than predecessors. The processor of iPhone 4G is faster than the others and more reliable.

Mobile browsing is now a trend in using a mobile phone and Apple caters this area very effectively as well. It makes the browsing of the internet very smooth and at anytime without getting stuck held and wasting time. IPhone represents its target market and indicates that it is made for business class people who really give value to their money and time.

Last but not the least is its camera having 5 mega pixels with LED Flash and front faced camera with VGA resolution with all the inbuilt features like Zoom, Brightness, Sharpness, Size, Quality, Contrast Setting, White Balance, Auto Focus and so on.

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